Protect your family from as much as 95% of all known germs

High Performance satin /mid sheen flexible wall, ceiling anti bacterial paint. 

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Paint which takes on your fight against germs

When it comes to looking after family and loved ones, Versus Paints understands the importance of transforming your home into a sanctuary of safety and protection against germs.

Recognising this need, Versus has combined the inviting colours of beautifully painted surfaces with an anti-bacterial solution to control disease-causing microbial intrusions.

The result is Versus Anti-Bacterial Paint, a cutting-edge paint offering, designed to protect your home against up to 95% of pathogens or infection inducing microbes

Scientific study

Known for exacting standards, Versus Paints tested the anti-microbial offering in the highly infectious disease ward of the prominent Unitas Netcare hospital in Pretoria, examining the paints under live hospital conditions. 

Swab tests of the ward walls were taken prior to painting. The ward was then painted and six weeks later swab tests were taken again with the Versus Anti-Bacterial Paint showing no trace or growth of any bacteria on the walls – a testament to the quality of the paint and its ability to significantly impact on key areas in the home where hygiene is important.


With a focus on creating a stylish look, the scientifically proven antimicrobial paint additives provide a lasting and effective protection against harmful bacteria, mould and fungi.

Versus Anti-Bacterial Paint also offers resistance against wear and staining, increasing longevity as a mark and scratch resistant surface, making it ideal for frequently used areas of the home.

Additionally, the paint’s good colour stability results in a colour finish that will not yellow while the very low VOCs at 16g/litre render the paint odourless and safe to use, offering you continued protection.

Safety first

The paint is ideal for areas such as kitchens, bathroom, hospitals and schools as an effective support in maintaining a germ-free environment with inviting surfaces which enhance daily living.

For as long as the paint remains on a particular surface, microbes will struggle to survive, adding to the health of your family.
“We wanted to establish the effectiveness of the antimicrobial additives in Versus Paints under the extreme conditions of the ward,’’ says Shannon about the swab tests of the ward’s walls which were taken before and after painting. Six weeks after painting with Versus Anti-Bacterial paint, swab tests showed no trace or growth of any bacteria on the walls.

Protecting your children and your home

Whether you are bringing a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen or creating a new look in your bathroom space, Versus Anti-Bacterial Paint makes an ideal choice as an additional defense against germs.
The anti-bacterial protection will last as long as the expected lifespan of the paint, giving you a hygienic environment, complemented by an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Eco friendly

As with all Versus paints, the Versus Anti-Bacterial is eco-friendly, giving your walls a luxurious finish while making a positive contribu-tion to the environment and your health with eco-friendly paint coatings.

For optimal results, we recommend application by a professional painting team. Fortunately, Versus offers an inhouse solution of everything paint, from the manufacturing of the material, right up to the application – so you only deal with one company. To find out more, please contact us today to discuss how we can assist with your painting requirements.