Proven to reduce mosquitos in your room

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Aesthetics/peace of mind

The Versus Anti-Mosquito Paint combines function and form to bring about a paint with a smooth, satin finish while reducing the activity of both mosquitoes and flies in your room by up to 90%, giving you and your loved
ones a protected, uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Forming part of the Versus Paints with a Purpose range this innovative offering is available in a choice of stunning colours, facilitating your personal expression in the different rooms and zones of your home.

Scientific Study

Known for thought leadership, fastidious attention to detail and exacting standards, the Versus Anti -Mosquito paints are backed by the scientific studies of leading independent research company, the Agricultural Science Consultants™ Research. Tests
conducted showed that one application of Versus

Anti-Mosquito Paint additive was significantly effective
for the control of mosquitoes (Culex spp.) seen in terms of the average mosquito mortality rate in
the experiment. Moreover, an effectivity rate of 100% was achieved on ceramic, cement, wood and ceiling foam finishes for the Versus Anti-Mosquito Paint additive treatment evaluated after 24 hours.

Safe, effective and non-toxic

While the paint is poisonous for mosquitoes and flies, it’s non-toxic for animals and humans, making it an effective, safe option to provide protection for your loved ones. In fact, the additive is so mild, it isused on goats in Uganda as a means to stop insects from irritating their skins.

How it works

Mosquitoes landing on the anti-mosquito painted surface, lose their mobility and as a result get‘knocked down onto the ground. Although this does vary in different climates and ventilations, 99% of mosquitoes in the room are dead within a 24-hour period as sooner or later they all will land on the painted surface.

Paint features and benefits

Available in a stunning range of colours, the paint is highly durable with very low levels of VOC. It is a
water-based acrylic paint, making it easy to clean.

The added qualities of good colour stability and non-yellowing make it an ideal choice for both inside and outside surfaces as well as on properly primed wood and metal objects. Versus Anti-Mosquito paint lasts up to 3 years on interior walls, while exposure to the outside elements can affect the duration of the additive on the exterior walls.



Being water, steam and spatter resistant makes it also a good choice for the bathroom and kitchen, further optimising protection in other areas of your

For best results and maximum effect, all surface areas of the room, including the walls and ceiling should be painted with Versus Paint Anti-Mosquito Paint, ensuring the experience of a restful night with peace of mind for you and your family.