Anti Bacterial

Protects up to 95% of germs. Scientifically Proven

Versus Paints have been scientifically proven as an effective agent in maintaining pristine standards of cleanliness, playing a significant role in health, food industry, corporate and retail to create safe, protected spaces for kids, parents, adults and workers.
Testing our paints under live hospital conditions provides assurance of the quality of our product and its significant impact on these key environments where hygiene is a necessity
Real Environment testing

Anti Mosquito

Proven to reduce mosquito’s in your room

Versus Anti-Mosquito Paints have been specifically formulated to provide a long-lasting solution to reduce the number of mosquitoes and flies in a room.

Achieved through an additive integrated into the Versus Anti-Mosquito Paints, this cutting edge offering provides an effective line of defense against mosquitoes. Providing a peaceful night’s sleep devoid of buzzing and itchiness on one hand, on the other end of the spectrum it can be a lifesaving factor in areas exposed to mosquito transmitted diseases.

Scientifically backed results

Eco Bebe

Protect your young family from the harmful chemical associated with paint. 

These baby safe paints are non – toxic and low V.O.C.

They can be used to create a delicate non harmful finish to your babies environment.

Water based: Low odour and easy cleaning.